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8th International Scientific, Medical & Family Conference

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Registration is now open for the 8th International Scientific, Medical & Family Conference. ALL attendees must register with BSF.

Hotel Accommodations

A block of rooms has been reserved, with a reduced rate of US $137.00 per night. The special room rate will be available until June 10, 2016, or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first. These rates have also been extended for those arriving early and/or departing later.

The 8th International Barth Syndrome Scientific, Medical & Family Conference is scheduled for July 18-23, 2016 at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Hotel located in Clearwater, Florida.

This conference brings affected families, research scientists, and clinicians together in one place at one time for a dual track meeting. BSF and our affiliates in Canada, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom firmly believe that while each of these groups can make some progress in their individual efforts, together, we are so much more powerful.

Doctors who might care for a single patient will have the opportunity to see well over 50 at once, gaining a greater understanding of the breadth of the disorder. Additionally, they will be able to compare notes with other physicians and also to hear from scientific experts about the latest discoveries that shed light on the scientific underpinnings of the disorder.

Scientists will hear presentations on colleagues' recent work, as well as learn from and have a chance to collaborate with experts in other fields. Furthermore, they will gain insight into the clinical aspects of the disorder and witness the medical ramifications of what they discover in the laboratory.

Families have a unique opportunity to be seen by the world´s greatest experts in Barth syndrome, contributing directly to the search for a cure by providing their information, their health history and even their own tissue as well as to learn from experts and from each other so that they can better advocate for their child(ren).  


2014 Conference attendees gathered on the beach in the shape of BSF's logo - a very creative idea!
(Photo courtesy of Amanda Clark 2014)

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