Scientific, Medical & Family Conference


We are deeply grateful to the many individuals, families, foundations and businesses whose generosity makes this conference possible.

DIAMOND Partner ($10,000)

Sponsor: Stealth Biotherapeutics

PLATINUM Partner ($5,000)

Sponsor: Association Syndrome de Barth France

  • Scientific & Medical Sessions
  • Medical Clinics/Expert Consultations

Sponsor: The Woodward Family

  • Family Sessions

GOLD Partner ($2,500)

Sponsor: Caymen Chemical

  • Thursday Luncheon (Keynote Speaker)

Sponsor: Sue & Dr. Mike Wilkins

  • Friday Luncheon (Varner Award Ceremony)

Sponsor: The McCormack-Marra Family

  • Friday Night Social

Sponsor: The McCurdy Family

  • Saturday Luncheon

RUBY Partner ($1,500)

Sponsor: Dr. Gerald Cox

  • Professional Travel Assistance for Expert Speakers

PEARL Partner ($1,000)

Sponsor: Barth Syndrome Foundation of Canada

  • Clinician & Scientist Poster Session

Sponsor: The Holly Family

  • Conference T-Shirts

Sponsor: T. Rowe Price

  • Printed Conference Program

BRONZE Partner ($500)


  • Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.
    Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.


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