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Request for Applications (RFAs)

The Barth Syndrome Foundation (BSF) Research Grant Program continues to encourage basic science and clinical research on the natural history, biochemical basis, and treatment of Barth syndrome. In addition to this fundamental program, the BSF and its international affiliates are pleased to announce the availability of specific REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS (RFAs) as part of the BSF Research Grant Program. These RFAs are in addition to the usual appeal for research grant applications on Barth syndrome. The goal of BSF´s Research Grant Program is to advance medical knowledge of the basic mechanism of the disease so as to develop more accurate diagnostic methods and improved specific therapies for children and adults affected by Barth syndrome. All applications for the 2019 cycle will be evaluated competitively against each other in the same cycle. Applicants should determine whether to apply for an IDEA grant (US $50,000 maximum for 1-2 years), or for a DEVELOPMENT grant (US $100,000 maximum over 2-3 years) as appropriate. All DEVELOPMENT grant applications and applications to the RFAs require a "Letter of Intent" (1 page maximum with due date of September 7, 2019) explaining their idea. Feedback will be provided by the Grant Review Committee of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.


Completed applications (and/or “Letters of Intent”) will be forwarded to the BSF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (as well as to expert outside reviewers) for confidential evaluation. Response to the “Letter of Intent” will be communicated within two weeks of receipt. Based on the recommendations of the BSF Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, the BSF Board of Directors will make the final funding decisions about the grant applications. Once the final funding decisions are made, BSF affiliates will decide which, if any, of the approved grants they would like to fund. Please review our “Grants Awarded” webpage for a listing of grants that BSF and its affiliates have awarded to date.


We anticipate awarding several IDEA and DEVELOPMENT grants each year. Funds will be available soon after the successful grant applicants have been notified in late February, 2020.


The deadline for submission of the completed research grant application is October 31, 2019, and grants will be awarded in late February, 2020. The deadline for the one-page "Letter of Intent," if applicable, is September 7, 2019.

Contact Information

Matthew Toth, PhD
Director of Research
Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Toll Free: 855-662-2784 (855-NO-BARTH)
Local Line: 914-303-6323

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Last updated 8/7/2019

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