#Wally's Warriors

Our goal for this fundraiser is to sell as many t-shirts and sweatshirts as we can to raise money for the Barth Syndrome Foundation in honor of our boys, Henry and Wally. The fundraiser will last for two weeks! Everyone has two weeks to order their Wally gear and shirts and sweatshirts bought will approximately arrive on December 10th! On December 11th and that whole week, (Wally's Birthday and Birthday week) we ask that everyone take a selfie wearing their shirt or sweatshirt and post it to social media using the hashtags #PowerUpBSF and #wallyswarriors to help bring awareness to Barth syndrome! Purchase Wally's Warriors merchandise here.

In 2015, we had a baby boy named Henry who passed away unexpectedly after birth due to heart failure that we were unaware of. We never had answers for why this occurred or what caused our sweet Henry’s heart to fail until his brother, Wally, was born and hospitalized at two months of age. Our sweet Walter was perfect just like his big brother. But in February of 2018, Wally contracted RSV and was hospitalized. It was during that hospital stay that we were devastated to learn that Wally and most likely Henry suffer/ed from a rare genetic disease called Barth syndrome. Barth syndrome is a multi-system genetic disease that can cause havoc on one's body. This havoc brings heart issues, lowered immune system, underdeveloped skeletal musculature and muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, and feeding difficulties...and that’s only to name a few! That is why this fundraiser is so important. We need to find a cure. We need to find treatments that can not only help our Wally but also Wally's Barth brothers.

But in order to do that, we need all of you. We need your help to fund the research that needs to be done in order to do this. The Barth Syndrome Foundation is the most amazing organization that we are so lucky to have found. The people work day in and day out fighting for our boys. I cannot express enough how amazing our Barth Family and everyone at the Foundation are. In honor of Wally and Henry's birthdays, we are asking that you join our team and become one of Wally's Warriors! When you buy a shirt or sweatshirt, the funds will go directly to the Barth Syndrome Foundation. And because of your generosity, you will take an important role in hopefully one day finding a cure for these brave, strong, boys and men who did not ask for any of this but who fight this disease like the super heroes that they are!! Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We love all of you!! AJ, Kelsey, Henry, & Wally!


Barth Syndrome Foundation
PO Box 419264
Boston, MA 02241

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