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Interview by Shelley Bowen, Director of Family Services & Advocacy
March 30, 2020

Meet Connor

How old are you now? 

I’m nine

What grade are you in?

I’m in third grade. 

Tell me about third grade.

My teacher’s name is Miss Harlee.  I like her.  I miss going to school and seeing my friends.  I like to go to gym because I can go outside and play. My best friend’s name is Tanner.  He lives near our pool.  Right now, my friends can’t come over, but I am visiting with them online and doing my schoolwork at home.[i] 

What are your interests?

I like fishing.  I like playing video games.  WWE Raw and Smackdown are my favorite television shows.  I like baseball.  My favorite team is the Blue Jays. I don’t really have a favorite player.  Sometimes, I try to play baseball, but I get tired pretty easy when I have to run.  I can catch. 

What do you do when you get tired?

When I’m at school I keep trying until I go inside.

Tell me something else about you.

I want to dye my hair red.  (He changes his mind) I want to dye my hair blue. 

Ryan/little brother:  I want to dye mine rainbow because my hair is long.  But dad won’t let us.

Dad:  That’s correct

I’m a picky eater. I do like Papa John’s pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.  I don’t like Spaghettios.  I used to like eggs but now I don’t.  I got sick on them.  I like mustard but I don’t put it on pickles anymore. 

Gherkin pickles (Maille original cornichons) are my favorite.  I like the sour ones.  They are small and crunchy.  You have to keep them in the refrigerator.  I eat maybe ten a day. 

Dad:  I believe our family is keeping the Maille company in business.  He has to have this brand.

I noticed your beautiful artwork in the driveway.  Do you like art?

No not really.  It’s boring.  That was Ryan.  Well how is the driveway art that Ryan designed holding up?  The rain washed it away. 

Ryan enthusiastically offers:  We are going to do a rainbow with a message so people who walk by can see it.

What else do you not like?


What would be fun to do?

I play Fortnite.  I like it because I can play with friends who don’t live in my house.  I play with Tanner.   It would fun to play with some of my Barth syndrome friends.  I know Levi, Brayden, Henry, Wyatt and Devin best.  I’ve played with Henry before. 

Would I have to set it up?

No, we know what to do.

[i] In the midst of COVID-19

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