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You can honor a special person while making a difference in the lives of those affected by Barth syndrome. A donation is a fitting tribute to someone special. Your support helps Barth Syndrome Foundation provide a wide range of programs to help ease the suffering of the boys and men with Barth syndrome.

  • Will showed us all, every day, how to live a thoughtful, considerate life. He would often wake up from an operation and groggily thank the doctors and nurses who cared for him. He showed great interest and concern for the lives of others and never understood how or why it was that so many others considered him their hero and role model. His quiet persistence and determination inspired the creation of Team Will, a growing group of triathletes who compete at the highest levels in Ironman races across the country and around the world, raising funds and spreading awareness of Barth syndrome. He had a deeply inquiring mind, and, despite his physical inability to continue his own formal education, annually led a session in biochemical genetics to graduate students at Sarah Lawrence offering them the all-important patients’ perspective. Furthermore, he consistently bested his father at dinner table discussions on a wide variety of topics.

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