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Board of Directors

Katherine R. McCurdy

Katherine R. McCurdy

Kate is one of the five founding members of BSF’s Board of Directors and served on the Board until 2014 when term limits required that she step down. She subsequently rejoined the Board in 2019 and became Board Chair in 2020. Kate is responsible for establishing the Science and Medicine program of BSF, including both the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (SMAB) as well as BSF’s research grant program. She has served ex officio on the SMAB for most of the time since the beginning. 

Kate graduated from Duke University with a degree in economics and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School. She worked in both economics and corporate management until her son was born with Barth syndrome. In addition, Kate has held various leadership positions on the boards of several other nonprofit organizations. She and her husband, Steve, have two children. Their son, Will, passed away in 2014 at the age of 28 from complications of Barth syndrome, and their daughter, Eliza, continues to be involved with BSF and especially with the other siblings of Barth individuals.   Kate remains strongly committed to the Barth community and the mission of BSF. 

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