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Board of Directors

Peter van Loo

Peter van Loo

Peter received his BTHS diagnosis in 1989 at the age of two. Residing in the Netherlands, Peter is part of the family on which Dr. Peter Barth based his first article describing what is now called Barth syndrome. Peter is the 21st member of his extended family to have the disease and the first to live past his 5th birthday. 

After spending the first three years of his education in a school for physically handicapped children, Peter finished primary school at a Jena Plan school. He then went on to study at secondary schools, persevering and completing coursework with some added time needed, due to BTHS-related exhaustion and illness. He initiated higher education to study computer science and has gone on to specialize in the online gaming industry.  

Within BSF, Peter is a member of the Board of Directors. He also is the Chair of a committee uniquely comprised of affected individuals to ensure critical input and perspective into the direction and operations of BSF. In addition, he acts as the contact person and translator for Dutch speaking families and was one of the presenters during the BSF Patient Focused Drug Development meeting in 2018.  Peter also regularly participates in and advocates for BSF-community engagement in various clinical studies. 

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