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Riekelt Houtkooper, PhD

Riekelt Houtkooper, PhD

Full Professor of Translational Metabolism | Principal Investigator Laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases Amsterdam UMC, location AMC University of Amsterdam

Riekelt H. Houtkooper received his PhD degree from the laboratory Genetic Metabolic Diseases of the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (NL), working under supervision of Prof. Ronald Wanders and Dr. Frédéric Vaz. His research centered on cardiolipin metabolism, particularly in relation to the rare mitochondrial disorder Barth syndrome. Riekelt joined the lab of prof. Johan Auwerx at EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland) for a postdoctoral project geared towards understanding and treating more common metabolic diseases. During these years, he became interested in the metabolic aspects of aging. Early 2012 Riekelt moved back to Amsterdam to start his own group, for which he received funding from NWO and the ERC. Current research in the group focuses on molecular and translational metabolism, both in the context of inborn errors of metabolism and aging. 


Photo courtesy of UvA

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