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Medic Alert

For over 65 years, MedicAlert has provided medical IDs and 24/7 services to relay critical medical information to first responders during an emergency. They are on a mission to protect lives by sharing information in their enrollees' moments of need. 

As part of our partnership with MedicAlert, U.S. based affected individuals are eligible to receive a medical ID and initial 1-year Advantage Protection Plan. This includes a digital health profile that keeps the affected individuals critical health information, 24/7 emergency response team, emergency contact notification, and more. 

To qualify, you must be reside in the United States* and have a genetically or clinically confirmed diagnosis of Barth syndrome. Alternatively, you may also be eligible if you are enrolled in the Barth Syndrome Registry

*We are working hard to expand access to resources to our global community, but at this time are only able to facilitate access to MedicAlert in the U.S. only. We hope to be able to offer it to other countries soon. 

Ready to get your ID and Protection Plan? 

Send an email to Melissa Huang, PhD ( to get started!

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