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Scientific, Medical & Family Conference

Scientific & Medical Sessions

June 27, 2014 ~ Clearwater Beach, FL

Mitochondrial Physiology

Modeling the mitochondrial myopathy of Barth syndrome using iPSC and heart-on-chip technologies
William Pu, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Cardiac mitochondrial structure and function in tafazzin-knockdown mice
Junhwan Kim, PhD, Center for Resuscitation Science, Philadelphia, PA

Respiratory chain remodeling in cardiac tissue of Barth syndrome patients
Jan Dudek, PhD, University of Göttingen, Institute of Cellular Biochemistry, Göttingen, Germany

Monolysocardiolipin acyltransferase-1 expression improves mitochondrial function
Grant M. Hatch, PhD, Edgard M. Mejia, William A. Taylor, Patrick C. Choy, Genevieve C. Sparagna

Exome sequencing to identify potential genetic modifiers of Barth syndrome
Michael V. Zaragoza, MD, PhD, V Hoang, S Hakim: UCI Cardiogenomics Program, Department of Pediatrics & Biological Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, Irvine, CA

Loss of ACSL1 impairs mitochondrial function and decreases tetralinoleoyl cardiolipin
Trisha J. Grevengoed, Sarah A. Martin, Lalage Katunga, Ethan J. Anderson, Robert C. Murphy, Rosalind A. Coleman

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